We are delighted that you are thinking about getting married and that you are considering

S. Andrew’s as a place to seek God’s blessing upon your marriage.

Marriage and the Law
In order to be married in any Parish Church in England you have, by law, to meet certain requirements – which have to do with your status as a baptised person, your residential status in the UK, your place of geographical residence, the place where you regularly worship or your affinity to the Church.  There are also considerations which are relevant to those who have been married before. These are in accordance with the regulations of the Bishops of the Church of England.

Before you do anything else you should make an appointment to see the Parish Priest, Fr. Peter Walsh (0151 632 4728). He will explain the law as it applies to your marriage and will discuss the possibilities of either a Wedding Service in church (if you are able to fulfil the requirements for this) or (in other circumstances) a Blessing after a Civil Marriage.  Whichever is possible, St Andrew’s Church aims to support and encourage you as a couple, as you begin your married life together.

We offer you our joyful love and friendship at this exciting time in your lives